How can I make my enemy from FPS tutorial fire downward?

I tried asking this before but I got no response, but basically I'm wondering if there is a way to have the robots from the FPS tutorial fire at my FPS player from say on top of elevated guard towers or mountain ledges. Right now they just seem to fire along the horizon line, wondering if that is a value that can be tweaked or scripted in somehow, and if so How?

I am unsure as to how the enemy in the FPS Tutorial is working but in the AI, I programmed for my FPS my enemy used a raycast for shooting, simply aim a raycast at the diagonal angle that would hit you if you are below him. ( I am fairly sure that this is how the AI in FPS Tut works with its firing ). This would mean two raycasts. Currently there is probably one aiming straight ahead from the enemys body to hit you when it looks at you straight on and when it hits, it calls the damage or shooting function. simply duplicate this change a few things such as the raycasts direction and it should work. Turn Gizmos on to see when the raycast is currently going/aiming.