How can i make my enemy walk random in my level?

I have been having a problem for a while, I need my enemy to walk random in my level but i can’t find any help there.
I am currently watching Bergzergarcade’s videos and using his “target enemy script” but i need random walking not target right away.
Can someone help me get my enemy to walk random and target my player when i’m close enough to him? In C# Please i don’t use java!!!

I can’t give you a script because this is not what this website is for.

Anyway, here are some tips:

  1. Make your ennemy follow a set of waypoints.
  2. When the player is close enough (use Vector3.Distance for example), make it target and follow your player.

You can take a look at UnitySteer which already has some of the scripts you need. It has an interesting “wandering” script that is a good alternative to waypoints following.