How can i make my game look better on unity remote 4?

Good day …

I’ve lately started with android mobile development though I had an average experience in unity for the past year but I’m facing a really annoying resolution whenever I click play to check my game on unity remote 4 the game seems slow , lags a lot ,and kinda vivid.
Also I tried making a new project to check whether the problem was from my development or it is from the editor itself and it seemed that it has the same exact problem again …
please help an indie :')

The problem is Unity is streaming, not running the game in your mobile, that why is a little lag.

In my experience, run a little little little better if you have the game tab ‘Maximize on Play’.

And in “Edit → Project Settings → Editor” you can change Resolution Downsize and test.

Unity Remote does not run the game on the device - it runs the game in the editor and streams low-res video output to the device (while streaming input from the device back to the editor). The result bears little resemblance in terms of graphics or performance to what a user will experience in your game - it is useful for testing basic input only.

If you want to test your game properly, build an APK file and deploy it to the device.