How can I make my iTweenpaths always visible in the editor ?

I am working on a 2D shooting game and I wish to use the Unity editor as a level editor. I made prefabs for my ressources (ship, fiends, background elements, …) and everything works fine.

I’m using iTween to make the camera follow a predefined path and it works perfectly. I also want to use iTween Paths to define the fiends patterns.

My problem is that the paths are only visible if I select them or a parent element. And it’s not convenient to draw the path of a fiend without seeing the paths of the other ones.

My question is : does iTween allow to have paths always visible in the editor ? If not, do you have a clue on how to patch it in order to have it acting this way ?

Thanks for you help !

I’m most likely late, but I had this same doubt myself and I’ve solved it, so here is a way of doing this.

I guess you’re using iTweenPath, so what you need to do is to go to the iTweeenPath.cs file, and change the name of the method OnDrawGizmosSelected() to OnDrawGizmos(). This will display all the paths, always.

For a more usable way of doing this, you should add a boolean member to tell if you want to show only the selected one or every path in the scene, to do this you must implement both event functions (OnDrawGizmosSelected() and OnDrawGizmos()) and do the same the actual OnDrawGizmosSelected() is doing now but conditionally, depending on the value of that boolean, in both methods.

Hope this helps someone.