How can i make my ragdoll splat blood on collision?

I am making a ragdoll game and its all going well but i want it so when the ragdoll collides with something, it splats a textured blood across the floor. Is it possible to do this?

Yes it is very possible, but requires some coding.

As a matter of fact, what you first need is to ‘understand’ collisions or triggers, so you should first implement a collision-ready gameobject, using the




, and then ‘simply’ instantiate a 2d texture or a particle system in the hit spot.

Important: your gameobject needs a collider and a rigidbody to properly cast collision or trigger events, and your ‘other’ object needs at least a trigger collider.

Check out the table at the bottom to understand how collisions happen

Regarding coding, there’s really a lot to go on about, but you should be down the right path with the suggestion above.