How can I make my Unity Vuforia AR app launch in portrait mode for an app designed around portrait orientation?

I am making an app which is intended to be in portrait mode but I am unable to get the app to launch in portrait mode through Unity’s settings because the Unity Player settings indicates that the app will start in “Landscape Left”.

Since my splash image is intended for a portrait display, it appears incorrectly rotated. We have been rotating it 270 degrees so that it appears upright in Landscape Left mode, but any native level popups (such as asking the user if it’s okay for Vuforia to use their camera) appear rotated in landscape mode, ruining the presentation.

I imagine there will be Xcode generated files that I can edit to correct this.

(Apologize if this has already been asked before, I briefly skimmed the forum search results).

HI @JamesJLinden , are you enable Vuforia’s XR setting ?