How can I make seperate sprites transparent "together"

Hello, I would like to make 2D sprites transparent without overlap showing.
Just to make single sprite transparent I can go to Sprite Renderer>Color and reduce alpha for single transparancy, but.

What can I do so that for example if I were to make 2D bone rig animated ghost, all its body (except some parts like bones inside it) would be transparent together

Below I added an image to hopefuly help better explain waht I want to do

Many thanks to anyone who could hopefuly awnser! :slight_smile:

The first and most straightforward solution that came to my mind is to use SpriteMasks. Instead of putting different SpriteRenderers on your bones (and making them overlap) just put one big SpriteRenderer as a “background” to your ghost. Then use these SpriteMasks to reveal the wanted area in the ghosts “background”. You may need to modify the sprites though to use transparency.

EDIT: Sorry, I didnt think it through. Those masks will mask each other :frowning:

Other solution could be to write a custom shader.