How can i make stroke a font

i have a font , can i stroke the font in unity? (wrapping around)

There is one more way to get stroke effect . Just try “OrangeJuiceFont” here you can set main color and outline color both different. I find it simple if we can afford using this font in our application.

Your English is good enough to communicate your question.

Photoshop calls this effect “Stroke”. Some others call it “Outline”.

Anyway, using Unity GUI alone there isn’t any better way. If you want a stroke all the way around, you’ll need to draw five times:

  1. black: pixel offset (-1, -1)
  2. black: pixel offset (+1, -1)
  3. black: pixel offset (-1, +1)
  4. black: pixel offset (+1, +1)
  5. main color: no pixel offset

This question is really old but If someone finds it in 2016, 5 years later there is a component in unity you can attach to any UI element called outline and it is the same as stroke in Photoshop or Illustrator.