How can i make the spaceship to land/take off with physics vertical ?

What i did so far.

In the Hierarchy i created a new cube changed it’s scale and called it Base.
In the Hierarchy i also have a Spaceship object with a Rigidbody component.

Then i created a new Physic Material and changed the Bounciness value to 1.
The Physic Material i dragged over on the Base.

The spaceship position is above the Base.

When i’m running the game the spaceship is moving down slowly and then fall down through the terrain.
I want it to land vertical on the base. Once it’s landed wait 2-3 seconds and take off vertical to the same height position it landed from.

But the question/s is if i did it right by using Physic Material and why it’s falling through the terrain ?
I didn’t create yet any script for it(C#).

I want the land and the take off to be automatic i don’t want to control on my own the spaceship for now.

A screenshot of the Spaceship and the base on the right the Spaceship Inspector:

And the second screenshot the base and it’s inspector on the right:

A Rigidbody only adds the GameObject to the physics engine - it does not give your object a physical shape. In addition to the Rigidbody, you need to also give at least one Collider to your ship or one of its children objects (!) in order to define its shape.

Which makes sense - you would not want the Rigidbody component to just assume the ship’s shape, you want to have control of it instead.

Please, take a look at the physics tutorials. Learn game development w/ Unity | Courses & tutorials in game design, VR, AR, & Real-time 3D | Unity Learn
They are not long and a lot of your questions will be answered there.