How can I make these accomplishments in my situation?

I want to learn Unity and create some games with it. I have been developing the game design to 2 2D board games that are on a grid. I have begun learning Unity. But I feel the tutorials I’ve seen are somewhat lacking. The absolute beginner’s tutorial to Unity C# was quite great for me. If all tutorials were like that then I feel I can really learn this. I have taken 2 semesters of programming in Java and one semester in C++ in college. I learn best when a book or a tutor explains how everything works, from the beginning, in detail. So I do well learning at school from professors and from the college-level Pearson-published textbooks. Some things I don’t know are how to move board game pieces using Unity and how to make a sprite-made terrain at the bottom. Both of those queries are for 2D games. I don’t know much about how to script in C# either. I looked at the scripting reference and don’t understand how to use it.

I am limited in how much money I can spend but I feel I can buy some graphics(like sprites) if I get a cheap artist or pay like $10-$20 every now and then. My 2 board games don’t require all that many assets. The most expensive part would be creating 2D cutscenes for it as I want that in my game. But I want everything to be original. I will also need a relatively cheap composer. Some freelancers at Upwork( have even given me a quote of thousands of dollars to create these games via Unity. This is why I want to learn Unity by myself. I have a cheap pixel artist. I will just need a cheap composer then. And maybe a game designer to help refine my idea. I will want to create online multiplayer so I will need a networker too.

I decided to use C# to script. I would use Javascript but it’s Unityscript which is not the same thing as Javascript, C# is more like Java that I have taken classes in and I think C# has a bit or a lot more tutorials than JS.

How about this idea: If you can help me, maybe I can buy (if it’s not already free) a Unity asset for a game that shows an example of the kind of a game I want to create and a generic one? Of course I want to create 2 board games of which at least one is on a grid and you control a hero or villain to fight your enemies on a board turn by turn. The board game has RPG game elements. What kind of assets would you recommend me for learning to create board games? And what kind of assets would you recommend me as generic? I hope the asset will be cheap like $20 or under and I can learn the scripting. What kind of a Unity board game learning asset can you recommend me? Please link me and show me any details.

:expressionless: Uh… I skim read your thing. Well… if you are trying to learn unity, I suggest you look at these articles:

link text

link text

Also, if you want to hire developers, see the commerical and collabrative work in the forums(just scroll down and you’ll see the section).