How can I make this rotate without appearing to move upwards?

Please see the video…

I am trying to rotate this object without appearing to move upwards and clipping through the ball. Think of my desired effect to be the same as a treadmill. I want the “ramp” to be rotating in place with the ball moving along the spiraled part, but like a treadmill. Right now, it appears to be moving upwards and clipping through the ball. How can I achieve this? I have been trying for months with no success. :frowning: Please help.

Thank you!

How to do this would depend largely on what you want to achieve after this mechanic is implemented.
That being said, the trick here is that you want the effect of the ball moving around the spiral (but with the camera focused on the ball). But in this case you could instead move the spiral around the ball!

The idea here is to counter the phantom upward movement of the spiral by actively moving the spiral downward as it rotates, then you just have to balance the speed of the downward movement so that it is proportional to the rotation speed so that it looks like the ball is going around. With that added you could with little modification make it so that the spiral would move upwards it you rotate in the opposite direction, thus giving you the ability to go up and down the spiral.