How can I make Windows Mixed Reality VR controllers vibrate?

I was wondering how to make Windows Mixed Reality controllers vibrate. I am making a VR game when you can hit VR objects and when you hit them, I want the controller to vibrate. I can find anything on the internet about it and I desperately need help. I am using the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers.

According to Microsoft’s docs, haptics are not implemented/supported in Windows Motion Controllers.


Well, they say “[…]is not yet enabled in the Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR[…]”.

Anyone knows something about Unity UWP Mixed Reality Apps?

You can use the MixedRealityTookit for Unity extensions. Note: Does not work in Unity editor. You must build the game solution


    private void InteractionManager_InteractionSourcePressed(InteractionSourcePressedEventArgs obj)
        obj.state.source.StartHaptics(1.0f, 1.0f);