how can i make working character swiching

I’m making open world 3d game where you have to do quests, fight enemy army, kill bosses and explore world and you will be able to get characters, but i dont understand how to make that you are able to open list of characters with their head picture (so you know which one is it) and being able to swich characters.

Hey and welcome to the forum,

this is a really really broad question. As always with broad questions it is only really possible to give you hints on where to go/where to start.

If you want to get more specific help then you’ll have to be more specific about your problem and what you are struggeling with. (e.g. screenshots of what you have so far and code snippets)

Apart from this you’ll need a List of characters. Probably a datastructure like a

  public class Character {
         public Sprite icon;
         public string name;
         //space for more variables...

that contains a variable for an image and a name. Perhaps also stats for that character and the inventory could go here? Read into scriptable objects, that might come in handy here.

Then you’ll need a UI, a scrollable space and a class to manager this → there are tons of tutorials on how to do a selection screen/UI for something.

Try to read into these base topics. When you are stuck with a specific issue come back and post a detailed and specific question about your issue. Then we can actually give you proper help.