How can I market and build up buzz for my game?

What are the best practices for indie developers for marketing their games and for how to build up buzz so they get noticed?

While not specific to Unity games, this is still highly relevant to many Unity game developers.

Based on the blog post "Building Buzz for Your Game", here are some links to great articles on the subject.

Articles about marketing and building buzz

How To Use And Abuse The Gaming Press And How The Gaming Press Wants To Use and Abuse You.

Kieron Gillen has written an excellent article on how to get your game in the gaming press from the insider point of view of a gaming press journalist.

The secret is that we actually want to write about you. When someone has a phenomenal amount of work to do before the nineteen day clock ticks down to deadline, anyone able to present them something interesting to fill their pages saves them an amount of work. While games writers try to stay aware of whats happening in the games scene, and will go after anything that attracts their attention, by going after the games press you hugely increase your chance for favourable coverage.

The Idiots Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game

Michael Rose, one of the editors at, has written the perhaps most straight article on how to market your indie game, with focus on how to get it featured in blogs and magazines.

Nitty gritty time it is. In this guide, Ill be explaining exactly what it is you, the budding games developer, should be providing me, the eager games journalist, with.

Building Buzz for Indie Games

Paul Tayler has written an article on how to build buzz that discusses such things as building a following around your game, writing a good press release, doing maintenance and keeping momentum post-release, doing previews and release hype, and how to handle reviews. Some things in the article should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are a lot of good bits in there.

Marketing anything takes a lot of time and effort. Most small indies skew their efforts far too far towards production and away from marketing: this is one of the reasons why so few are a genuine commercial success, and why many high-quality games generate minimal revenue.

The Zero Budget Indie Marketing Guide

Rodain Joubert has written an article on marketing targeted at small indie teams. He writes about being visible in the indie games community, the importance of a nice presentation of your game in trailer videos and announcements, getting feedback from players, and about the importance of knowing the game media.

This guide is for anybody who has a nice game under their belt and wants to give it some more exposure. It doesnt matter if youre just a two-bit dev submitting simple concepts to some backwater forum. In fact, its probably better if you are: this article is geared towards you, and can help you make the most of something that would otherwise disappear into the murky undercity of the Internet.

Blogs that feature indie games

Once you know how to approach editors for maximum impact, here are some blogs that cover indie games:

Indie Games Blog

A sister site of Gamasutra and one dedicated to covering all the latest independent gaming news.

TIGSource (The Independent Gaming Source)

A slightly more quirky blog that also cover indie games.

Rock Paper Shotgun

This blog cover PC games, both mainstream and indie. If you have a great indie game, they may pick it up (but only if it’s available for PC!).

Play This Thing

Cover games that are not mainstream.

Magazines that feature indie games

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Forums where you can participate

An easy way to increase your exposure in the indie community is to participate in the various forums dedicated to indie game development.

Unity Forums

The Unity forums are of course the best place to discuss Unity game development specifically. The community is very friendly and helpful.

Indie Gamer Forums

The Indie Gamer Forums have forums for anything from announcements and portfolios to business, game design, and indie lifestyle. Also follow the blog.

TIGSource Forums

TIGForums have forums dedicated to GDC, TIGJams, announcements, the quirky TIGSource competitions, and more. Also follow the blog.

Sites where you can sell or promote a web version of your game:

Muse Games aims to redefine the online gaming standard with a curated line-up of high quality Unity 3D titles. They revenue share on sales and advertising.

  • Submit to submit [at]

A Unity 3D web portal with open submission. They revenue share on advertising.

  • Simply visit register a developer account

It’ll cost a lot if you go for TV commercials or radio spots. To save money, you can try printing marketing materials. For instance, I have a friend who owns a local gift shop. Every time she launches promotions, she’ll just go for some custom sticker printing services online. She’ll then distribute them to her clients. So far, the outcome is quite good.

Try using adhesive vinyl printing, among other campaign and marketing materials, this one if also effective. Marketing your business, product or services can likely be cheaper but effective.

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If you are a game developer but do not know how to promote in the market then your job is really going to be tough and it is possible you could not make money which you have dreamed for. As I work with a well known digital marketing agency and deal with lots of such clients who have developed app but not getting plenty of users. We suggest you to hire a professional marketer to do this job, if it is not possible then you have to do it yourself, you have to create social media buzz by playing advertisements, youtube video marketing, the biggest channel of success is influencer marketing so ask influencer to endorse your game indirectly on their video or on Instagram, it will help you to create buzz for your game.

For marketing about your game you should focus on different social media websites. I see lot of people are trying to improve their products, brands, websites, blogs on different social media platforms.