How can I merge multiple polygon colliders into one?

Hello all,

I am confronted by the following situation in my 2D project:
I have an empty game object that holds multiple objects. They each have a PolygonCollider2D. The problem is there will be many such children in the scene and I was wondering if I can merge them into one collider attached to the parent object, event though IT doesn’t have a sprite.

Is it possible? If so, can anyone help me in the right direction, please?

You can add a polygon collider 2D. Click ‘Edit Collider’ in the inspector. Zoom into the scene view till you see the pentagon green shape clearly in the scene view. Select the edges and drag them to cover all your child objects.
Or if you want to have more precision in shape, you can add "Edge collider 2D’'. You can make any shape by pulling any point in between the 2 ends available initially.