How can I move an object forward a certain Distance, when it's rotating around another object?

I want to smoothly move an Object a certain Distance in 2D, while it’s rotating around another Object and stop it from rotating. I can’t get the Lerp function to work, since it requires two points. Help would be appreciated(btw I’m using Unity 2017, because my Pc can’t run any newer Versions).

Hi @phyrria,

I’m unsure about your goal - as far as i understand you, you want to increase the rotation distance of a from b?

If so, you can place your object a around a center b by using the sine and cosine function as x/y coordinate, similar to this wiki post. Have a look at the gifs in the right corner.

This will place them at a unit circle distance. To increase this distance, you can create the vector ba and scale it to your desired distance. You can then simply add the scaled vector to your center b and get your new a position. You can smooth the distance with unitys Time.deltaTime

Hi @Klarzahs,

Thank you for the answer although it is not what i need.
Here is a more detailed explanation:
My object a is a child of object b which looks at the mousepointer. I want to move my Object a forward by x amount of Units and stop object b at looking at my pointer. The problem i ran into is, that when my object a is under the object b it moves above it and now further down.