How can I move back to Element 0 in an array to reset a loop?

Hi, I have an array that loops but will change to another array once a condition is met. After that array is over, I want it return to the first. I need it to return at Element 0, however. Instead, it just picks up where it left off in the original sequence. Any ideas?

private var csScript : Main;

var textures : Texture[];
var changeInterval : float = 0.33;

var textures2 : Texture[];

var changeMe : boolean = false;

function Awake()
	//Get the CSharp Script
	csScript = this.GetComponent("Main");//Don't forget to place the 'CSharp1' file inside the 'Standard Assets' folder

function Update() {

if( textures.length == 0 ) // nothing if no textures
// we want this texture index now
var index : int = Time.time / changeInterval;
var index2 : int = Time.time / changeInterval;
// take a modulo with size so that animation repeats
 index = index % textures.length;
// assign it
 renderer.material.mainTexture = textures[index];

	print("so so worried");
	 index2 = index2 % textures2.length;
// assign it
 renderer.material.mainTexture = textures2[index2];


function reset(){

yield WaitForSeconds(.35);
csScript.janneleIsWaiting = true;
csScript.janelleWorried = false;
csScript.janelleHappy = false;


set the index you use to access the first array to 0 when you go back to it?