How can i move contents of one scene into another scene?

I've been working on a few separate parts to my game in separate scenes. It's worked well so far keeping everything separate but now i want to get everything together and into a single scene. I've saved one of the scenes into a new combined scene but am now a bit stuck on how i can move the contents of the second scene and put them into the combined scene.

I'm not just talking about the objects in the project folder, they're obviously all there, I actually want the objects, settings etc that are in the hierarchy pane to be moved across..

I was considering whether i could use packages for this, but am worried that it'll cause problems as the objects are already in the project folder, and i'm presuming that's what packages are mainly for.

Please tell me this is possible, or i'm going to have to redo a lot of work :(


(I'm in the iPhone version of unity as ever, but this should be fairly consistent unless there is a feature in 2.6 that will do this that isn't present in the iPhone version)

Good ol' Copy and Paste should work here :)

Alternatively, throw everything into a single prefab, and then drag that prefab into the other scene.

After a few years, it is now possible to do that natively: right click on the scene from the project, load additive.

Try to use Application.LoadLevelAdditive(). I havn’t tried it but it loads levels additive.

Easy, create a new scene, go to the previous scene’s ctrl+A and ctrl+c and then load new scene.go to the ctrl+v.that’s like a diamond.

Terrain error? Do this.
Delete the terrain and add new terrain.