How can I move different parts like hands,leg to walk of a human model?

I have added a model(.FBX)to unity by dragging it to asset? Now, when I click the model in the asset, in the “Rig” under inspector, it says “not enough bones to create human avatar”.
When i click Animations, it says no animation data available in this model. I can not create model using Maya or Blender. Is the problem with the model i downloaded? If so,where can I get some free models that will work fine according to the tutorial?

You must ensure that .FBX file contains appropriate bones in it. The whole process is called rigging and is usually done in external 3d modeling software such as 3ds max.

If a model would be rigged in such program and animated, then Animations would have a clip with animations.

You could have downloaded a model which is a simple mesh, and doesn’t have a skeleton and any kind of animation.