How can I move the camera from screen to screen?

I would like to move the camera from one screen to the next, very much in the style of older games or the Abe-games on the Play Station. Tying it to many different game objects seems excessive and I don’t want to use thousands of scenes that could be loaded and whose data would have to be stored in a level.
Any ideas?
I tried using an empty game object with a trigger, but that didn’t really work.
The search for this question was really difficult, because most people want smooth camera movement and I want the opposite.
Thanks for any ideas and help!

I usually write some example code, but for this, it will just take too long, cause it can get very complex. The way i would try to accomplish this is by using 2 camera’s. That way there is only 1 scene needed, created in separate sections. Let’s say the player walks out of the side of the screen:

 public void PlayerWalksOutOfScreen()
        //Activate the secondary camera.

        //Place it at the current section.

        //Let secondary camera fill screen.

        //Translate the main camera to the new section.

        //Render both camera's on the screen, where at first the secondary camera is 100%, main is 0%.

        //Keep growing the main cameras size, and shrinking the secondary camera size.

        //Loop this until the size of the secondary camera is 0%.

        //The main camera is now in the new section.

        //Deactivate the secondary camera.