how can i navigate a light on particular path of an object without using navemsh,

i have countless objects in my scene on which i want to navigate a light on all local paths of the object itself, say i have an octupus like thing and what i want to illustrate is poison swallowed by an octupus and poison goes along all the legs of an octupus , I did use navemesh but i came to know the navemesh data isn’t serialized like other object so i can not make prefab of them and spawn them from a script. consider the green light on the head of the creature what i want is to navigate this light in regular intervals to the end of each leg.

You can create a public array of Transforms where you put in all those points in order. move to the first and either you reach it or are close change to the next in the array until you reach the end.
You also could just assign all randomly and sort them by working your way through the list, checking for the closest to the previous found.