How can I network a Flash projector (exe desktop application) with a Unity standalone on a local area Windows network?

I have a Unity Windows stand-alone (not Pro) and a Flash CS4 Windows projector exe running on a local area Windows network. I would like to connect them to update the position and orientation of about 11 game objects plus little other data such as the object name.

My multi-user needs are minimal (for now) with no need for rooms, chat, etc. as its a dedicated system with only 3-5 "users".

Looking for something easy, cheap, etc. to implement as my functionality needs aren't all that great.

Probably the easiest way to implement that (for small-scale) is using sockets. You can use .NET sockets on the Unity side (Mono is an implementation of .NET); look at the System.Net-namespace. In particular the classes TcpClient, TcpListener and UdpClient.

I'm not sure what possibilities to work with sockets are available on the Flash-side.

Of course, this solution requires that you have a bit of understanding of networking programming (which is not trivial). Have a look at the UnifyCommunity Wiki to find some examples to get you started:

You may also find the following useful - but be aware that this is designed to used Unity's built-in networking which you can't use with flash. However, you should be able to transfer some of the algorithms used there to a sockets based approach:

If you want to use a backend solution, you should probably have a look at

those may give you more than you need, but I know that both support interaction between Flash and Unity out of the box, and both also have Unity-specific libs and examples. Both Smartfox and Photon are cleary designed for larger-scale networking - but it may make sense to build on these so that you can be sure you can scale.