how can i pass the variable values of my serializeable class into another class that have the same variables?,How can i copy the values of a serializable class into another class

i have a class(serialize-able) where i save my datas and i want to put it’s values to a temporary class where i’m gonna manipulate them there.

Don’s create a dummy class to manipulate the variables. Create a public static reference to the class and manipulate the vars directly.

public class SaveData
    public static SaveVariables saveVars = new SaveVariables();
    // This class will have the save and load methods
        //  This class will house all the vars that will be saved. 
    public class SaveVariables
        // When the save file is deleted and recreated, These values will be defaulted. 
        public const string name = "Jones";
        public int var1 = 17;
        public bool var2 = false;
        public float var3 = .5f;

Then to call a variable in any other script call
SaveData.saveVars.var = value;
at number will be restored.
When you save that number will be saved. and upon loading th