How can I play a sound once another has finished?

Hi all! I'm writing the code to play the reactor sound of my spaceship. The sound is composed of:

STARTSTOUND (play once) ENGINESOUND (looped) ENDSOUND (play once)

I wonder which is the correct way to handle the STARTSOUND->ENGINESOUND(looped) beahviour. Now i'm brutally test if startsound is playing. If it's not anoymore, i fire the looped sound. All of that inside the update of my script. But so, i have a little gap between the end of startsound and the begin of the looped sound (a bunch of msec silence).

Thank you in advance.

You wont be able to do seamless stitching with the current sound interface.

If you have pro you can import a sound library use that to do seamless stitching separate from the Unity's inbuilt sound system. This can be done on PC, I'm not sure about other platforms.