How Can I Play Back Pre-Mixed 7.1 Audio?

I’m using Unity for an installation which features a 7.1 stereo system in a large room. The audio played on this system is pre-mixed (i.e. not 3D audio in the Unity sense, but with each channel tailored by a sound technician). It needs to be played within Unity because it’s part of an interactive system (which also includes several networked devices running instances of Unity).

Now, I’m fairly sure that I tested out an 8-channel (7 speakers + subwoofer, making 7.1) .wav file in Unity 3.5 back in the summer, and I was able to play it.

However, now (with Unity 4) I’m getting this error on trying to import any such file:

The file ‘Assets/Audio/7.1 Pink Test loops/Ch3of7pink.wav’ does not contain
a supported ‘wav’ format (The sound created exceeds the allowable input
channel count. This can be increased using the maxinputchannels parameter
in System::setSoftwareFormat. )

Is this a change made for Unity 4? Is there any way I can gain access to this setting mentioned in the error, or is it something under the hood I have zero control over?

Ultimately: how can I play back pre-mixed 7.1 audio in Unity (4)?

can you found any setting 5.1 or 7.1 it’s in edit _ pro_sett_audio man_but haw it can work i don’t know’ if you found plas…mail me


I submitted this as a bug some time ago to Unity Tech. They have reported it as fixed say it will be integrated in a future version.

i had luck using maxmsp as my game sound unit and then i used udp between unity and max to trigger sounds in 3D
it gave me the advance that i could adjust/modulate/mix/fade the sound/sounds realtime in maxmsp and/or ad effects to them on the flow …
you could use cnmats ambisonics external for that