How can i play the game in Unity 3d ?

Hi, this is my first post, I think this is a basic doubt, I create my terrain, but when I play my terrain I can't see in window game and I can't navigate in my application, I see a Small picture and I can't navigate for she.

Someone know about this ?

since already i will thank you !

If you are only seeing a bluish screen when you play, you might have to move your camera (or terrain) using the x, y and z axes to make your terrain appear.

If don't know how to do that, you probably want to watch the tutorial videos located here

I really Thank you, now I can see my application and when I play I see my terrain, but how can I use movement in my application ?

You need to add a character controller. Just drag it in from the standard assets.

Yeah, just drag a first person controller prefab into your scene view and then when you play your game, use the arrow keys or a-d-s-w keys to move around and mouse to look.

Hope this helps -Grady