How can I prevent a static Rigidbody2D from attracting a dynamic one?

Sidenote: I use Unity Version 2020.1.4f1 on Arch LInux

I am making a physics-based 2D game. For making a level I use the Tilemap and its components. Some time ago I made a prototype of the game, with PBox2D using Processing (a language coming from Java). In the prototype I set the gravity scale from the boundaries to 0, so they would not attract the player.

In Unity however, I can’t seem to find the value field for the gravity scale of the static rigidbody, only the dynamic one, but I know Unity uses Box2D, too. So, long story short, how can I set the gravity scale of a static object? Or how can I stop the Tilemap rigidbody from attracting the player?

Rigidbody2D of the player (dynamic):

Rigidbody2D + Tilemap Collider 2D of the Tilemap (static):

Just thought of basic physics principles in Unity and then I realized my stupid mistake.

I had to remove the Rigidbody2D Component, but not the Collider to make the Tilemap really static. Now everything works as it should.