How can I prevent the children of a prefab from being edited/selected

How do I prevent the children of a prefab from being either selected and/or can I prevent the transform of a child from being modified?

Example I have a animated game object and a physics trigger under a parent game object.

|->   Animated Mesh
|->   Trigger

In the editor, the animated mesh can be selected and moved independent of the prefab. I would either like to move the selection from the child to the parent or prevent the childrens’ transforms from changing.


Hope this helps someone else
I created an editor class

public class CPrefabSelector { 
	//static so that it is around all the time
static CPrefabSelector()
	//add an OnSceneGUIO delegate to run all the time in the scene
	SceneView.onSceneGUIDelegate += OnScene;
private static void OnScene(SceneView sceneview)
//Change the selection to what it should be.