How can I publish my game 64bit and 32 bit on google play 2019?

I select arm64 (64 bit) and x86 and amrv7 and select build app bundle in player setting so but when I want publish so I have an error like :


This release is not compliant with the Google Play 64-bit requirement

The following APKs or App Bundles are available to 64-bit devices, but they only have 32-bit native code: 2. Include 64-bit and 32-bit native code in your app. Use the Android App Bundle publishing format to automatically ensure that each device architecture receives only the native code it needs. This avoids increasing the overall size of your app.

Why can’t I publish the game? please help me

I have this problem some week and can not publish my games ? please help me What is my wrong?145102-s22.png

@shahin2019 Removing the x86 option in the CPU Target architecture types should solve that problem.
Your next question will be…
Won’t that hinder users with x86 architecture from playing the game?
Yes it will but android devices with x86 are minimal and will not affect in the long run
Unity is even removing the option completely