How can I publish my game?

I have created a small game using unity. But now I am unable to understand what to do. I want to publish my game but I dont know what to do. I have build this game to run in windows platform(I generated an exe file). Can someone please tell me how can I publish this game so that people can download it from somewhere and play it? If you ask me to upload somewhere, then where should I upload it?

Upload in an cloud drive, and make it accessible for others to download via a link (dropbox, google drive etc). You can also buy a domain name and a web server, setup a website, and then put the game as a zip file download.

Alternately you can try to get your game on the steam market. This however requires that you use their SDK so users would be able to install your game using steam. It also requires a greenlight from the steam community, to be able to publish your game on steam. You can read more about publishing a game on steam here - Steamworks

There are a lot of tutorials on youtube.