how can i put objects seemlessly together


I’ve created blocks for my platformer game in blender, and i’ve put those blocks together in unity, to create platforms but there is a small seem between the block’s which i can’t get rid off.

See this screenshot:

Would it be better to use a whole block? That way i would need several meshes in different lenghts…

When i scale the blocks, it seems there is no way to scale the textures on the blocks correctly?

I’ve also looked at unity cube mesh, but it seems kinda hard to uv map it…

It looks like the vertices aren’t snapped perfectly together. If this is the case, you can use vertex snapping to get them to fit perfectly. It’s explained at the bottom of the Positioning GameObjects page. In brief, select the Transform tool, select one of the cubes, and hold down the V key. Then select a vertex and click-drag it to a vertex on another cube.

Thanks, it’s much easier that way =)

Looks fine now!

What about the performance? Is it ok to use multiple blocks for my game? I’m planning to release my game on mobile platforms. (android + ios)