How can I quickly test the first scene?

Hopefully I’m just missing something easy.

Is there a quick way to test the first scene in the project? You can setup scene order in the build settings, and obviously this works great for the builds, but why can’t you quickly test within the editor starting from the first scene in this list? It’s rather annoying to have to search around for the right scene every time I want to test my project from the start…

You could solve this with some code: have a script on awake check too see if your playing it in the editor, if you are, call the first scene using Application.LoadLevel(0);

I think some quick Editor extension should be able to do it…

It might be best to create an Editor Window so you can drag in the scene you want into an ObjectField, then you can use these two links to work it from there:

Open the scene in your ObjectField (I’d highly recommend prompting for save first), then use the second link to start playing.