How can I randomize button position while making sure no 2 buttons end up in the same position?

So basically I am making a multiple choice quiz type of game. I’ve pretty much got everything set up for the questions and answers along with tracking correct choices and showing a total in another scene after the list has run out. The only issue I have now is that “Button 1” is the correct answer for every question, but all 4 buttons are in the same position each time the question cycles. I could figure out how to move the button after a correct answer is selected, but that would take writing in 4 changes for every single time a correct answer was chosen. Or I could figure out how to set 4 positions and move the buttons randomly each time, but then there would be more than one button landing in a position all the time.
So is there anyway I can set it up so that I have 4 set positions for the buttons, and each time a new question is loaded the buttons are mixed up without any of them doubling up on a position?

Make an ArrayList of Strings containing each answer and use mathf.random to pick a random index, setting that sting to the button and removing the string from the ArrayList until they are all gone.

First of all, thanks for the quick reply! I really appreciate it ^^

Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I am quite new to programming and have had a difficult time grasping the correct terminology, so about 80% of that went right over my head.

Any chance you can point me to/provide a basic example? So far I’ve been learning visually much better/easier.