How Can I read data from excel 2010 in unity 5 (64 Bits)?

Dear Sir/Madam!
Recently I have a problem to load /Read Data from Microsoft Excel 2010 to use in Unity 5.1.2p1(64 bits). So please help me to solve this problem. I hope I can find good answer in this problem with good example to me . Thank you all your reply back to me!

As far as I understood you want to read tables from .xlsx format, if that is correct then it was quite some time ago that I worked with excel files and so I’m not really going to give you examples from top of my head, so I’ll just give you few links.

First of all there is “Microsoft way” - using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel library, HERE I found an example for you, you can also use any search engine to find other examples, there should be enough of them on the internet. The real problem with “Microsoft way” is that in order for that one to work you’ll need the actual MS Office itself installed on machine that is going to use that code, otherwise it simply ain’t going to work.

Now when I needed to support work of one program, I used to work on, with Excel import/export I used NPOI library. They used to be HERE and now it seems like they’re primarily THERE instead. I remember that I found other once as well, but for some reason I’ve chosen NPOI, probably because it worked well, was and currently is licensed under Apache 2.0 license (which is great).

Also when I was searching for “Microsoft way” example I stumbled upon OLEDB solution. I can’t really remember if I tried that way back then or not, so there is not much I could say about that one.