How can i recreate transform.positionTo method?

I am making a mobile game for which I took a simple template from the internet and expanded on it. I’ve now almost finished the game and decided to upgrade my unity version to use monetization and some more packages. Now, I get errors that the method “transform.positionTo” does not exist. I never heard of this method ever in my life, and couldn’t find anything about it on the web. I thought unity may have changed something in the code, but when I checked the original untouched code the methods were still there.
The method basically moves an object to a target location, within a set amount of seconds, and takes 2 arguments: the time in seconds in which it will move and a Vector2 representing its target location.
I really insist on keeping the code as it is because I have expanded a lot on it and I can’t rethink the whole thing. I have tried replacing the method with this coroutine:

IEnumerator moveTo(Transform transf, float seconds, Vector2 position)
        var currentPos = transf.position;
        var t = 0f;
        while (t < 1)
            t += Time.deltaTime / seconds;
            transf.position = Vector3.Lerp(currentPos, position, t);
            yield return null;

The problem is that this doesn’t work either, it just produces weird results.
Any help is appreciated!

Hey @mariodeaconescu2003 did you find the solution for this problem because I am stucked now on this problem I would be great if you help me,@mariodeaconescu2003 do you got the solution ,because I am stucked here now, with same method.

Unity never had a method called “positionTo”. However you’re probably looking for the GoKitLite tweening library