How can I remove Ambient Occlusion from Transparent Cutout?

Hello, I have been modifying (for a week) the new Unity Adam Character shaders available on the Unity Asset Store ( They are perfect except that they don’t allow the option for an alpha cutout (aka alpha injection mask or alpha occlusion mask) that I need to prevent the skin on my skinned mesh from clipping through my clothing during animation. I have managed to get as far as clipping the surface texture and preventing shadows from appearing on the clipped pixels, but the Ambient Occlusion continues to show up on the clipped pixels. I was wondering how I would prevent the Ambient Occlusion from acting on those pixels. Below is an example of what it looks like now, and what it should look like (achieved by disabling ambient occlusion altogether). Please help me. Anything will be appreciated. Thank you.

If helpful, Here is some extra information: Unity version 2018.2.18f1; Windows 10; Deferred, Linear;



Well… I feel stupid. Of course there is going to be an error when I am using Force FORWARD Compatibility in the Occlusion settings.