How can i render bullet path before fire?

I want render my bullet path before bullet may have gravity or not.means that bullet path may be curve or direct.

so thanks.

One of the ways you can do this is create a mesh programatically for the curve. You could also subdivide the curve in many straight lines, and normal line drawing techniques to draw the straight parts.

You can try to calculate lead with a script like this:

I didn't used that with gravity, though... but maybe changing the position according to physics would do the trick.

this question has two answer. one for how to draw and one for what to draw? for how, i can say use a line renderer or a fake object with a trail renderer that move in the exact path. for what, i can say if you use physics then the fake object is appropreate but if you have your own formulas then just the first method is more light weight and is recommended by a great man like lucas meijer :)