How can I report a bug / issue most effectively?

I would like to know the best method for reporting a bug so that it is dealt with in the most efficient manner at Unity with a view to being reproduced and resolved in the fastest turnaround

There are 3 golden rules to best have a Unity bug or issue efficiently dealt with:

  • Clear - what is the issue? can you explain it clearly?

  • Concise - have you provided just what is needed to see the issue?

  • Reproducible - have you listed steps to reproduce easily? - where possible use the latest Unity to confirm issue as current.

To help make the issue concise you may want to include a minimal reproducible rather than your entire project, to help speed up the upload and the reproducibility of your issue. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Open project in Unity > Open affected scene
  • Remove extraneous items from the scene (assets not required to see issue)
  • Export the scene as a package (right click scene file in project view > export as package)
  • Create a new project entirely and name appropriately
  • Import your scene package into a new scene (fix and replace any missing scripts)
  • Test your issue is still applicable (Play or Build)
  • Go to Unity menu > Help > Report a bug (Whole new minimal project will be attached) -
  • Describe the issue
  • Add reproduction steps (instructions to see the issue)
  • Attach any relevant images / video / links supporting the issue
  • Send error report and make note of the Fogbugz ref when you receive email shortly after (usually within an hour)

Then you can Vote on the issue on the issue tracker
, mail the reference number to Premium support if applicable, or start a forum thread referencing the issue to gain traction.

For further details and some guides please check out: