How can i rework physics or collisions for my game?

I’d like to rework/tweak several aspects of the physics and/or collisions for my game. For example, allowing collision events to happen, without having to add a collider and/or a rigidbody to the gameobject(s). How can i accomplish this?

The game is in 2D, if this means anything.

P.S. This question was originally rejected 4 no. apparent raisin, with no feedback as to what was wrong with it. Because i could not find any raisins why it would be rejected, i assumed it was in error, and am posting it once more. If you feel I’m “wrong” then feel free to reject it once more, but do me the honor of letting me know whats wrong with this completely legitimate question.

Write your own game engine.

Really, thats the only answer that will produce satisfactory results.
Unity physics is core to just about everything Unity does. Trying to fight a game engine’s way of looking at the
world never, ever works.

Id suggest you start with a C# scenegraph library and work up from there.

Here’s one i found with a quick google:

I dont know exactly what you want… But doing your own game engine its the best work for that.
But if you want to change some values from the UnityPhysicsEngine you have to go:
Edit → Project Settings → Physics/Physics2D