how can i save a scene?

Hi , sorry if my English is not good I am French .
In my project , a player can build a card with a few cubes , corner, etc.
And then it will need to save all changes to load the map, to change again , or just play it.
So I would like to know if it is possible to save the current scene as a copy, rename and load when he chooses this card And all this in the game.

So I’m a player , I create a map in the MapEditor.unity → I have finished creating the map and I want to save .

But in reality , I find no tutorial or I type wrong keywords , I found just talking to safeguard the states of the players, but that’s not what I want .

Thank you very much that it will want to help me

You have to write and read your own save file.

File Input/Output can be done in C# , alternatively, you can use an asset on the store. Unity Asset Store: Save, there are a variety of file formats to choose from: binary, json, xml, etc