How can I save scene in playmode?

Several years ago there was a plugin named PlayModePersist could do it, but now the plugin doesn’t suppose to Unity 5, and the plugin was removed from the Assets Store. So how can i keep changes in
playmode now?

You can just play the scene and then ctrl+c everything, then stop playing and ctrl+v everything. You might have problems with references, changed materials,…

**Hi @liqin447945 **

Though your Plugin is no more in asset store yet you can persist the changes you make in play mode.

1. Run the scene!

2. Change values in the inspector of any component of your desired gameObject in the scene.

3. After making changes, (don’t exit play mode) click on the gear menu (at top right where we use to reset the component).

4. Now click on ‘Copy Component’ option from the drop down list.

5. Once copied, exit play mode and on the same component again, click on gear menu.

6. Click on ‘Paste Component’ option in the drop down list. And you’re done.

7. Just know that you can only perform these steps for one component at a time. I mean if you want to change multiple components that are not common among your GameObjects then you need to run the scene again & make changes and follow the aforesaid steps.

8. However, you can perform these steps for multiple components that are common among your GameObjects. (For eg. You have one script attached to 5 GameObjects in your scene then you can make changes to your script in the inspector by selecting all the 5 GameObjects and perform Copy & Paste).

9. Try this and let me know if it works for you.