How can I scale Shuriken particle system?


I have a pipe model and I’m making steam spray from the pipe. However, steam effect is about 10 times too big for it to look good.

How can I scale down the whole particle effect to fit in with the pipe?
If I lower the Start Size setting, only the particles get smaller, but I also need to lower the distance between the particles. How can I achieve this?


EDIT: I’ve googled and found someone suggesting setting transform.localScale via script, but all it does is the same I can do in the inspector, and scale in the inspector isn’t working as one would expect.

I figured this out myself, and I think I’ll write it down here in case someone else encounters similar problem.

I scaled the whole particle effect indirectly by lowering Start Size, Start Speed.
Also Angle and Radius in Shape section (I used Cone shape). These two reduced the distance between particles as I wanted.

Hope this helps!

the right solution for this is:
look for “scaling mode” on your particle system. then

A- if you have a single particle system, set it to “Local”.

B- if you have a parent game object and other particle systems are children of it(multiple particle system), set it to “Hierarchy” for all of children.

then scale down the transform, just as you do with regular game object.