How can I scale the standard assets fire particle

I am having trouble scaling the flame from the standard assets particles in unity. I have multiple different objects (torch, camp fire, magic sword, etc) that use the flame asset, however I can not find a way to change how large the emission area or any other part of this particle system is. Any help with fixing this would be very appreciated. Thank you

Finally… one I know…lol

Anyway. When your object(flame/Fire) is in your scene and therefor your hierarchy you can then adjust its scale.

Click on the little triangle to open up the child components.

When you select each component you will see all its data in the inspector panel. Look down until you find ‘Ellipsoid Particle Emitter’

At the bottom of this you will see a section called Ellipsoid with X,Y,Z options. When you adjust these they will directly affect the size of your flame.

You will need to do this for ‘inner core’ ‘outer core’ and ‘smoke’ either type in the numbers of use the slider technique.

Also… at the top of that same panel you will see 6 other boxes with min and max settings. These will affect the number, size and duration of the particles that make up your flame.

Have a play around with these and see what effects you get. You can also click on the little book icon to get a detailed description of what these parameters do.

Hope this helps, have fun experimenting

Have added some pics below for you to follow. Sorry had to split them up, can only add 2 attachments per section. Just follow the pics and you should be fine.