How can I see particles on an animation and not always?

Hello, I wonder how can I see particles only on animation, and not always see it. I made a sword, started animating it and I put particles on it, but I always see the particles, and I want to see them only when animation plays, this is very annoying for example: when I move and quickly look back I see the particles fading out. I want to see them only when animation plays. Please I really want to make a good game and upload it

Cheers, Andrei

Hey, I think you should check the parametr if your particle is infinite in inspector, you have to make sure its played once and then destroys ( you can do this in settings of the particle ). Then instantiate a prefab with this particle in the sword s position from script. You should write something like - Instantiate(particlePrefab, sword.position) in the same place where your sword animation starts.