how can i send a command from unity's activex control to my windows form application?

i want to embed unity's activex control to my windows form o WPF application or embed it in a powerpoint slideshow. i can use the activex control's sendmessage method to send commands from the application to my unity content but i want to send commands from unity to my container application. if it was an HTML page i could use javascript but i don't know what should i do now. is there any way to send a message to COM objects or any other way to send a message to my container?

As the Unity ActiveX-control, while "technically supported" is not really documented (or "really supported" ;-) ), my guess would be that the only real option for communication between the container and the Web player would be via a network connection and your own proprietary communications protocol.

I think I'd try calling the Application.ExternalCall script API and use a debugger to see if anything ends up happening on the COM side. My guess is that something will happen (I just don't have a PC in front of me to try.)

Get LiveWeb

To get info out of Unity into Powerpoint: 1. In unity, use Application.ExternalCall (see docs for how) 2. In your html wrapper, implement a function for the above. You might have it set the status bar text or change the page title to the value you passed above. 3. In PPT, View Code on the LiveWeb control, and choose StatusTextChange (or TitleChange) from the dropdown. The value of 'Text' will be that of the status bar (or page title). Note that it will be a LOT of different things from the control itself, but it also picks up the text you set. So look for that.