How can i send and read a float list from server to Unity using Socket IO for Unity?

Hello, like the title suggest, i’m trying to send a list of floats,like (0.3,0.3,0.5,1,1,1,1.2), in a form of Json object. I Have tried to store the list in a class using JsonUtility.FromJson but it just store as integrals and nulls where i have 0.something. I also tried to get the list into float format, using“values”).f, but it only output the value 0.
Does Anyone have a clue how can i work with list of floats using socket io and json objects?

A List is not an Object. Maybe you should import another Json Asset for non-objects.
Try this JSON .NET For Unity | Input Management | Unity Asset Store

And then use the JsonConvert.Serialize and JsonConvert.Deserialize