How can I send data from WPF application to Unity?

I have a WPF application that reads some data from user and I need that data to control the character on Unity. I don’t know how to do this. How can I send data from WPF to Unity? Is it even possible? What is the best way to do it?
I also thought of another possibility, but I don’t know either if it is a good practice or if it is possible to do. The idea was to embed unity game inside WPF. Maybe it would be easier to pass data from one place to another.
Let me know your opinions.

P.S.: I’m not fluent in english and therefore it is likely that my question is not entirely noticeable. Sorry about that.

Hi amdnis

This is a windows-only solution, but I’m guessing that’s fine because WPF is windows only!

Please look into windows ‘pipes’ for inter-process communication:

This is the simplest way to get 2 processes talking to each other in windows.

Alternatively, you could look into using Sockets, to do network communication between the 2 applications. In .net this is also quite easy. This is a good tutorial:

This might be a good way to go (although you’ll probably need to investigate threads to do it asyncronously), as it is platform independent and can work easily over a network.