How can I serialize a private Array in JS?


I have a private Array in my java script code. How can I make sure Unity3D serialize it?

private var myArray : Array = [];

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  • Unity doesn't serialize a List of Lists, nor an Array of Arrays.
  • Unity doesn't serialize Dictionary.
  • Unity doesn't serialize static fields.
  • Unity doesn't serialize properties.
  • If an object occur more than once in a collection, that object is serialized for each occurance of it (creating clones).

First, you'll need to use an array/collection with a type which can be serialized, and then add @SerializeField above it, i.e.

private var myArray : Transform[];


private var myList : List.<Transform>;

You can't use a basic javascript array because it's untyped - use either the builtin or List type for it. The latter will work very similar to Array (it has .Add etc)