How can I set a sprite to a bunch of clones?

Hi, again. Here another question. I got 6 clones each clone has 2 gameObject with a spriteRender. And now I want to change my sprites. But it changes only 1 clone and only 1 sprite. Maybe someone can help me.

    public Sprite[] SpritePipes;
    void Start() {
    Sprite mySpritePipes = SpritePipes[0];
    			for(float x = 0; x< 7.8f; x = x + 1.3f)
    			Instantiate(pipesStructur, new Vector3(x + 3, 0.9f, 0), Quaternion.identity);
    			test = GameObject.Find("Pipes(Clone)").GetComponentInChildren<SpriteRenderer>();
    			Debug.Log (GameObject.Find("Pipes(Clone)"));
    			test.sprite = mySpritePipes;

I would place all instantiated pipes in a List or Array for future access, or maybe just their SpriteRenderer (so that you don’t waste performance on GetcomponentInChildren)