How can I set change trigger for only one property?

Hello everyone,
generally, I would like to create ChangeCheck (BeginChangeCheck, EndChangeCheck) for only one property. Ok but I will you show what I have and I want.
It is my class:

    public class Enemy
        public string Name;
        public Sprite Icon;

        public List<CharacterAttribute> Attributes;

and my a MonoBehaviour class:

public class EnemyMap : MonoBehaviour 
        public Enemy Enemy;
        public string Something;

Now is everything is ok because I see all my properties in the inspector

But the problem is when I try to create a “trigger” for only one property.

    public class EnemyMapEditor : Editor
        SerializedProperty icon;
        EnemyMap currentTarget;

        private void OnEnable()
            icon = serializedObject.FindProperty("Enemy.Icon");
            currentTarget = (EnemyMap)target;

        public override void OnInspectorGUI()
            if (EditorGUI.EndChangeCheck())
                currentTarget.Enemy.Icon = (Sprite)icon.objectReferenceValue;
                currentTarget.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().sprite = (Sprite)icon.objectReferenceValue;

and when I see into the inspector, I see:

So, what should I do to make other properties? Should I create properties separately? I would like to create the change rule for only one property but other properties should make automatically.

You need to start your method with base.OnInspectorGUI() to keep your default editor and add some cool custom properties to your GO Editor.